Finnish Theatre of the year chooses Theatron


Riihimäki Theatre in Southern Finland has joined the growing number of Theatron users.

Theatron is a planning tool, which suits the needs of both big and small theatres. Riihimäki Theatre is a small theatre with just ten permanent employees. It is one of the oldest professional theatres in its size group in Finland. In addition to a number of guest and co-productions it also produces a couple of productions of its own during the year. The theatre was awarded as Theatre of the Year 2017 by The Association of Finnish Theatres.

Here’s how Managing Director Matti Arnkil comments on why Riihimäki Theatre ended up picking Theatron over other solutions:

“We chose Theatron, because it’s the furthest developed production planning system for theatres on the market. For us, as a small theatre, it is important that the solution can be customized, so we don’t have to pay for features we don’t need, but still get a good product that fits our needs and requirements. In Theatron the outcome of a long development process can be seen. You can tell that the solution has been developed in close collaboration with the theatre field, and the needs of the field have genuinely been taken into account.”

Read more about Riihimäki Theatre in Finnish here.

Theatron is the leading Nordic solution for theatres' scheduling and planning needs, serving today a total of 36 theatres. You can find more information on Theatron here or watch a short introduction video by clicking on the picture below.

Cover photo by Kari Paukola for Riihimäki Theatre

Den Nationale Scene changes for Theatron


It dates back to 2015 when we first contacted with Den Nationale Scene. Since then, our Norwegian market has been growing up non-stop. However, it was not until this last year that our relation got closer. And after a few interesting discussions, DNS realized that Theatron might be actually the tool they were looking for all along.

But of course, DNS wanted to be sure that Theatron was going to help them before taking any serious decision. For that, we had the pleasure of meeting Sten Are Fogge, the Production Manager in DNS, in our office in Turku and go through all the details. This definitely helped them to make up their minds.

So, why have they chosen us?

“We chose Theatron because we needed a planning tool built for theatre and Theatron already had a lot of the features we were looking for. It is also an important factor that there are several Norwegian theatres that work as a workgroup for further development. The platform is intuitive and easy to use and it will make our planning a lot easier. The already well function Intranet is also an important piece of the package together with Mansoft employee’s high-quality level” says Sten.

About DNS

Den Nationale Scene is one of three national theatres in Norway and has a good reputation for bringing on both contemporary and classical theatre together with a close connection to foreign theatre countries. Today the theatre houses three stages and presents approximately 20 productions each year. There are around 150 people employed by DNS and a company of 40 actors at the theatre.

Read more about DNS here.

About Theatron

Theatron is the leading Nordic solution for theatres' scheduling and planning needs, serving today total 35 theatres. Theatron is available throughout Europe in any language.

Read more about Theatron here.

Mansoft team


Aarhus Teater in Denmark chose Theatron!


“Aarhus Teater has been looking for several years for a replacement of the outdated resource planning tool currently in use. While several of the systems in our consideration would be able to fulfill our requirements to some degree, they would also require an excessive amount of resources to learn and implement. Theatron provides us with a very intuitive user interface and being a hosted solution makes it a quick-to-learn and easy-to-use tool.

The collaboration with Mansoft has been smooth and they have addressed all our concerns quickly and competently.

Theatron is based on Microsoft SQL database and so is our new Intranet Microsoft Sharepoint platform, which furthermore will enable us to avoid any future development and proprietary concerns. Theatron will be integrated into Sharepoint for providing always up-to-date schedules and the possibility to create our own views and reports from all the information that Theatron provides.

We have great expectations and we are looking forward to implementing a new planning tool for Aarhus Teater” comments Jesper Sørensen IT Director from Aarhus Teater.

About Aarhus Teater

Aarhus Teater is Denmark's largest regional stage and was inaugurated in the year 1900. The theatre produces around 15 new productions each year and employs roughly 100 permanent staff with 300-400 people working in the theatre throughout the year. Read more about Aarhus Teater.

About Theatron

Theatron is the leading Nordic solution for theatres scheduling and planning needs, serving today total 34 theatres. Theatron is available throughout Europe in any language.

New solution coming out soon!


In Mansoft our goal is to help theatres making their production planning easier and faster. We keep learning and developing new features in order to make that happen. But this year we are taking a bigger step forward. We are expanding our portfolio with a new solution that will help with the management of resources, such as the light equipments, music equipments, chairs, tables…anything. You will have full control of all your resources and equipment. You will be able to see which resources are booked, which are free, which are in need to be checked…and many more features to come. The pilot will be launched after the summer and as Theatron, it will keep developing.

We want your planning process to be smoother while keeping always good communication throughout the whole organization. Minimize the unnecessary steps and save time so you can focus on what really matters, making great theatre.

Would you like to know more on how Theatron could streamline your production planning and make the sharing of information easier and faster? Then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and let us know which are the main challenges that your organization faces when it comes to planning!

All the best,

Mansoft team

Theatron & Stage Set Scenery Berlin 20 – 22 June!


We are participating this year’s Stage Set Scenery event held in Messe Berlin from the 20th until 22nd of June. You are welcome to visit us at our booth Hall 21 / 443 and have a chat with us about production planning and information sharing. We have a German language version of Theatron available during the show which you can try out yourself or let us do a demonstration for you.

Theatron is the leading production planning solution in the Nordics, used by over thirty theatres and now expanding into Germany and other European countries.

Hope to see you in Berlin next week!


Samu Bäckman

Managing Director, Mansoft

Theatron - The Secret Behind A Successful Production - Read more


ABTT Theatre Show - London 6th & 7th June!


Come and join us at the ABTT Theatre Show in London on Tuesday the 6th and Wednesday the 7th of June in London / Alexandra Palace.

We have a separate seminar in the Project 33 venue on Tuesday the 6th at 3:30 PM regarding how the leading Nordic production planning software Theatron has helped theatres to streamline their production planning processes. 

Quest speaker - Administrative Manager Jere Pensikkala from Turku City Theatre Finland will give you insights what benefits can be achieved through the usage of Theatron and how you can develop your own production planning processes with the help of Theatron.

Three new theaters sign up for Theatron


Three new theatres sign up for Theatron
Theatron expands in the Nordics as three new theatres sign up for Theatron; Espoo City Theatre in Finland, Teater Halland in Sweden and Akershus teater in Norway. Espoo City Theatre changes their current production planning solution and Teater Halland and Akershus teater take a fresh start with Theatron.

Theatre events in London and Berlin

We are taking part in two theatre events in June, the ABTT Theatre Show in London on the 6th and 7th of June and Stage Set Scenery in Berlin on the 20th – 22nd of June. If you are visiting either of these events, you are warmly welcomed to visit us and learn more about Theatron and have a discussion with us. Theatron is the leading production planning solution in the Nordics and the solution is now available throughout Europe. 

We have also released a short Theatron film, filmed in the theatre of one of our long-term customers Åbo Svenska Teater in Turku, Finland. Enjoy!


Job opportunity - Head of Software Development


Mansoft is the leading Nordic provider of theatre production planning software and in the forefront of helping theatres to streamline their daily work through software solutions. We have developed a state of the art SaaS -solution called Theatron, and we are expanding our operations and customer base within Europe, Russia and USA. Our office is located in Turku Finland.

As we continue to grow, we are seeking a Head of Software development to lead our four-person software development team. The main focus of the Head of development is to oversee all development output, implement best practises, streamline the development processes and standardize our working methodologies. You will also participate in the software development, so hands on attitude and knowledge of the various tools and solutions that we are currently using is required.

Amongst other responsibilities this will include:
- Raising standards across the development team, with a focus on delivery
- Reviewing our Agile development processes and implementing improvements
- Updating our approach to coding standards and web/application development
- Integrating software development effectively in our overall product lifecycle process
- Leading, coaching and mentoring the development team into a world class operation
- Participating in the software development work

The candidate:
- The ideal candidate will come from a software/web development background, and will have experience of managing a software development team, and delivering complex projects based on Microsoft stack and .NET development technologies.
- A strong understanding of digital product development, general web-based technologies and the ability to deliver against customer requirements will be essential.
- Good oral and written communication skills in Finnish and in English
- Experience in the performing arts industry is an asset as well as language skills in addition to Finnish and English.
- Ability and willingness to travel.

Why Mansoft? The work we do is challenging and meaningful and there is lots of it. We offer you the change to grow with us and build your career and Mansoft to be even more successful. Competitive salary and benefits are included.

Interested? Please apply and send an email with your CV and application, including your desired salary. If you have questions about the job or the company, please contact CEO Samu Bäckman, samu.backman(a) or +358447700060. Looking forward to receiving your application!

Trøndelag Teater - Tenth Theatron customer in Norway


Trøndelag Teater chose Theatron

It was in September 2015 that we first agreed to have a demo of Theatron over Skype with Trøndelag Teater. The first demo was held one week later, but it took year and half until the contract for Theatron was signed. During this time period Trøndelag Teater made a thorough investigation of the available solutions in the market, contacted existing Theatron customers in Norway and visited four theatres in Finland to learn more about the daily usage and benefits of Theatron and experiences working with Mansoft.

“The main reason why we chose Theatron is, that through the presentation of the solution and the experiences of other theaters in the Nordic countries it is our understanding that this is the best solution for Trøndelag Teater”, comments Jon Kristoffer Stokkan, Director at Trøndelag Teater.

“Trøndelag Teater is our tenth Theatron customer in Norway and we are very happy that they chose Theatron after this process. We have theater customers that have said during the first web demonstration that they will take Theatron, and we have theatres that have made a very thorough investigation of the available solutions in the market and signed a contract for Theatron”, comments Samu Bäckman, Managing Director of Mansoft.

Trøndelag Teater was opened in 1937 and the opening performance was Women of Niskavuori. The theatre is running five stages and has approximately 15 new production each year. Trøndelag Teater employs around 120 permanent employees and operates its own costume and props departments.

Read more about Trøndelag Teater.

Read more about Theatron and ask for your own demo.


Brageteatret joins Theatron


We welcome Brageteatret, the ninth theatre in Norway to join Theatron!

The proven efficiency and simplicity made Brageteatret choose Theatron. These decisions are what enables Mansoft to go forward and continue the development of Theatron. As each customer brings new ideas, new needs and new knowledge, we are able to grow together and keep continuing to fulfill our customer’s needs.

About Brageteatret

Brageteatret is a non-profit organization that works in Buskerud County, Norway. As a touring theatre, one of the Brageteatret’s purpose and goal is to contribute to the diversity, skills development and general strengthening of the county's overall artistic and cultural fields, by contributing to the increased and regular offering of performing arts to the entire population in Buskerud. Brageteatret places a particular emphasis on theatre with children and youth and from multicultural perspective.

Read more about Brageteatret.

Norrbottensteatern chose Theatron


Norrbottensteatern started in 1967 as Sweden's first county theater. Children and young people are priority audience groups, about 30% of the theatres activities are aimed towards these groups. The theatres repertoire is a mix of classics and newly written plays ranging from important and topical subjects to entertaining stories for providing the audience with multidimensional images of people and society.

Norbottensteater has its home venue in Luleå Sweden with three stages, workshops, studios etc and the theatre also tours in Norrbottens county across its 14 municipalities.

“Norrbottensteatern is excited to start working with Theatron, a program which through its ease of use and clarity will make our planning easier. We also believe that sharing information and schedules across our staff will be immensely facilitated by the tools provided by Theatron and the Intranet”, comments Hans Eriksson - Producer from Norrbottensteatern.

Read more about Norrbottensteatern

Read more about Theatron and ask for your own demo


The image is from Norrbottensteatern by photographer Anders Alm.

Finland celebrates its 99th Independence Day - Theatron its 11th year


Theatron was originally developed according to the needs and specifications of Finnish National Opera and Finnish National Theatre 11 years ago and Theatron grew eventually to be the leading production planning solution for theatres in Finland. Today Theatron is used by thirteen professional theatres in Finland for planning their productions and for sharing the schedules for the whole personnel.

The promotion of Theatron for theatres in other Nordic countries started some two years ago and currently Theatron handles the production planning for seven Norwegian, four Swedish, two Icelandic and one Estonian theatres in addition to the ones in Finland. During this time Theatron grew to be the leading production planning in the Nordics and the growth continues.

The next phase of Theatron internationalization started one month ago, and during this phase the goal is to discover how the theatres work in Germany, France, Spain, USA and Russia and if Theatron could also succeed in these markets. At the same time the work continues with the existing countries like England, Scotland and Wales.

Theatron will never be ready, as it is continuously developed in cooperation with the theatres based on the feedback and demands received from existing and new customers. We are thrilled and anxious to see what the next 11 years brings along!

Happy Independence Day for all our Finnish theatre customers!

The picture is from Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki

Reykjavik City Theatre & Theatron


Reykjavik City Theatre ranks among Iceland’s oldest and most prestigious cultural institutions. The theatre’s history reaches back across a century and more to when the playhouse was forged in 1897. It is now, alongside the National Theatre of Iceland, one of the two eminent dramatic stages in the nation. Reykjavik City Theatre, as the name suggests, is the municipal theatre of Iceland’s capital city.

The Reykjavik City Theatre employs up to 200 people at any given time. All elements of production take place within the theatre itself, which has its own lighting, sound and multimedia departments, set and props workshops, costume and make-up departments as well as an experienced technical stage crew.

Theatron has grown into the leading production planning solution in the Nordics within the last two years, currently serving some thirty theatres in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Estonia. Theatron can be translated into any language and it is used with any standard browser so the implementation of Theatron is fast and easy.

The image is from Reykjavik City Theatres show The Blue Planet

Read more about Reykjavik City Theatre


Nordland Teater chose Theatron


Nordland Teater is our seventh Norwegian theatre customer - making Norway our second largest market after Finland. Like most Norwegian theatre customers, Nordland Teater wanted to have most of the available options into their Theatron and Intranet environments and automate the daily scheduling and planning tasks as much as possible. Most of these lately developed features are made based on our other Norwegian theatre customer’s requirements.

In addition to these "off the shelf" features Nordland Teater wished to have a feature tailored, which enables them to add various files under venues. This feature has now been developed and is soon available for other Theatron customers also. One of the reasons for our success in Norway has been the ability to develop new features fast and cost effectively, even though the feature would only serve one or two theatre customers.

Nordland Teater is a touring theatre serving 44 municipalities in Norway. The theatre is established in 1979 and has its home venue in Mo I Rana Norway.

Read more about Nordland Teater


Teater Manu is the sixth Norwegian Theatron customer within one year!


Teater Manu in Oslo Norway, is Mansoft’s sixth Norwegian theatre customer and the first sign language theatre implementing Theatron. Teater Manu started in 1999 and has rapidly developed into a recognized and awarded theatre, offering performances in sign language. Performances are also accessible for hearing audience through voice-actors. Teater Manu is a touring theatre, both national and international and this year the theatre is touring in Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Finland and USA.

The theatre is also doing co-productions with various theatres. Teater Manu is the creator of the sign language theatre network AZUR, which is a collaboration of sign language theatres in Europe. The goal is to expand the sign language theatres and exchange knowledge and artists.

In terms of production planning and the use of Theatron and the intranet, the use is of course no different. Theatron will be a valuable tool for Teater Manu, not just for planning, but also storing and sharing information about the productions and plans.

Read more about Teater Manu